8 Natural Ways to Relieve Back Pain

January 08, 2019

8 Natural Ways to Relieve Back Pain

Did you know the average American sits approximately 13 hours a day?

Between work and school, we are constantly sitting on our butts, looking down at our phones, computers or notes. 

With countless hours of sitting, our backs are bound to experience pain, it’s only inevitable.

I put together 8 different way you can help relieve back pain naturally, so there are no mentions of Advil or Tylenol in this post!


1. Stretch Regularly

    One main reason why people have pain is because they are so stiff in their muscles, you basically become a huge knot that needs to be untied. By stretching at least once a day, it can help loosen the muscles up and allow your body to be more fluid.  For those that want some more intense muscle relief in a specific area, place a tennis ball on the ground and lie down on it.  It will sure help get the knots out.


    2. Heating Pads

      Is the morning the hardest for you? It usually is for most people.  When you have been sleeping and lying down for more than 6 hours your body becomes stiff.  To ease the morning stiffness, and help prevent muscle spasms upon movement, consider putting a heating pad on the painful part of your back while your still in bed.  Get your body slowly ready for the day, and allow the heat to warm up your muscles, and spur blood flow to the area.

      Click here for a heating pad that is rechargeable, so that you can place it beside your bed and use it right when you wake up.  Bonus – it heats up super fast, within seconds of turning on.

      P.S - That is not an affiliate link, we are not part of Amazon’s affiliate program. I simply found it on Amazon and it has great reviews so I thought I’d make it easier on you guys.


      3. Change the Way You Sleep 

      koala sleeping


        An awkward sleeping position habit that you have done for years can pose tremendous risk to developing future back pain.  Try some of these methods out to help relieve some of that pain.

        • Sleep on your side with a pillow between your knees
        • Sleep on your side in the fetal position
        • Sleep on your stomach with a pillow under your abdomen
        - This might sound counterintuitive to the many professional opinions out there saying that sleeping on your stomach is not good for you. But for some people that is the only way they can fall asleep, so it’s better to find a solution that won’t cause you even more stress. 

        • Sleep on your back with a pillow under your knees
        • Sleep on your back in a reclined position

        Out of all these sleeping positions, make sure that your spine is aligned properly, that is the most important thing to take away from this tip.


        4. Take a Relaxing, Hot Bath

        This one is probably my favourite tip, because who doesn’t love a hot bath! The soothing effects can help ease those aches and pains and even allow for some stretching after. A way to make your bath even more relaxing is by using a bathbomb that’s packed with essential oils that are targeted towards relieving inflammation and pain.  I don’t want to give away any spoilers but something may be in the works for a collaboration with a super awesome bathbomb company!


        5. Massages

        We all love them, to some this might be a costly option but I thought I would put it in here because it’s still important to note.  Massages promote circulation, ease stress and relaxes the muscles, it boosts endorphins which are the pain relievers naturally produced by the body. 

        If you've never had a professional massage before, prepare to feel slightly worse before you feel better.  Massages release free radicals that have built up inside your knots and once they are released, toxins are released and your immune system has to deal with it, making you feel slightly on the gross side. But in the end it’s totally worth it.


        6. Aquatic Therapy

        Physical therapy in a pool! Studies have shown that patients using the resistance of water has helped alleviate lower back pain. This therapy can be used by all demographics, especially for pregnant women and the elderly.


        7. Yoga


         It might feel like doing physical exercise is the exact opposite of what your body wants, but it’s important to keep your body moving. Building muscles and strength in the areas that can help prevent and relieve back pain can help support your body better in the long run. One studied showed that lower back pain sufferers who took one yoga class a week for three months saw greater improvements in back function compared to others not doing yoga.




        8. Take Some CBD

        Last but not least, CBD.  One of CBD’s many wonderful benefits includes its ability to reduce inflammation in the muscles and joints.  By taking your desired dosage everyday, it allows for your body to become more fluid, inevitably resulting in lesser back pain and more movement.


        Quick story time of two honest testimonials from a customer and my Aunt. 

        My Aunt who before introducing her to CBD, was unable to practice her yoga routine in the morning due to her morning stiffness.  She explained to me that it had been a full year since she was able to go on the mat.  After a couple of nights of taking our CBD, her body was telling her that it was time to get on the mat again that morning. Her body felt ready, and she listened.  Her morning stiffness and inflammation has reduced since then and she’s feeling like she was a couple of years ago.


        Our good friend Natalie Bretzer explained to us that she has suffered from sciatica pain caused from a problem in her sciatic nerve. By taking our CBD in combination with her daily stretching over the last month, her back pain has drastically reduced.  Check out her profile to see her testimonial. 


        To Conclude ...

        By combining these natural methods it may help relieve your back pain for you.  Start with a heating pad in the morning, then once your body is warmed up, allow for some gentle stretching, then take some CBD that has anti-inflammatory properties.  Repeat for multiple days to a full week, and see if your back pain has been improved. 


        I hope these tips were helpful to you!


        Thanks for reading




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