CBD and Epilepsy Treatment

October 18, 2018

CBD and Epilepsy Treatment

Since 2008, articles related to CBD and refractory epilepsy has skyrocketed. 

Why? Because unlike THC, CBD does not contain any psychoactive effects and abuse liability.  Marijuana related products were under much speculation due to the undesired effects, AKA the high you get from it, especially when it involves children. 

So now that CBD enriched extracts are available for consumption to the public, the use for seizure disorders, especially in children has increased.


CBD Trial Studies

According to the Journal of Epilepsy, Emilio Perucca discusses a turning point in the CBD industry.  A completion of three high quality placebo controlled trials of pure CBD oil was used for patients who had Dravet and Lennox-Gastaut syndrome, which are two typical forms of intractable epilepsy.

Studies showed that CBD worked better in reducing the amount of convulsive seizures than the placebo treatment in these patients. 

Now there are always limitations with every trial. With this one in particular, it is unclear whether the improved seizure control described was related to a direct action of CBD or was mediated by drug interactions with concomitant medications.

Regardless, positive outcome from the trial proves advancement towards natural and organic based medication

In addition to this trial, many case studies and online surveys have reported a reduction in seizures when switching from a heavy medication to a CBD rich product. 

In specific, a survey conducted on a Facebook group which included approximately 150 parents in the US concluded that over 80% of parents considered their child to experience fewer seizures while on low amounts (25 mg/kg/day) of CBD.

If you would like to read a more indepth article about the several more trials that had positive results, visit the link here

Educating myself and spreading the word about CBD and its benefits to the body and mind is what I strive for.  I think about these children who are experiencing horrific side effects from multiple medications on a daily basis and it only pushes me further to spread the word about CBD. 

For those of you that know someone or you personally experience epilepsy I urge you to educate yourself, read more articles, find more research. 

Give the natural way a chance, because you never know, it may just work for you in some small or big way. 


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