Combining Yoga and CBD - Experience Bliss

December 07, 2018

Combining Yoga and CBD - Experience Bliss

Yoga and CBD.  What a Pair.

Let's talk about the amazing benefits it can have on the body and mind.  We took a closer look and wanted to find some people who have practiced yoga with CBD.

We found Emily Weitz from Tonic Vice and she discusses her experience when doing yoga while taking CBD shortly before.  She explains that the effects of CBD really did enhance the mind and body connection in the session.  This allowed for the body to really feel those moments while holding a pose. 

Personally, I have not done a lot of yoga in my life, but almost every time I have done yoga, I feel a sense of grounding to my body.  The effects of yoga for me are in many ways spiritual, because you experience your body stretching and opening up. 

And by adding CBD to the mix, it only aids you by providing a more positive, calming effect to the body. 


India, the birth place of yoga.

They believed that the cannabis plant was a core part of culture for millennia.  The earliest mentions of cannabis have been found in ancient Hindu text, dating back as early as 2000 to 1400 B.C.  That is wild.  According to this text, cannabis was one of five sacred plants and a guardian angel lived in its leaves. Even the Indian God, Shiva, is frequently associated with cannabis, which is called bhang in India. 

Reasons why the plant has such praise is because they view it as a source of liberation and was given to others to attain delight and lose fear, ultimately leading them to release their anxiety.  


Hemp vs. Marijuana - Why It's Important to Know 

Think of cannabis as the umbrella plant in the family.  Both hemp and marijuana are considered cannabis and can fall under the word cannabis, but hemp and marijuana are two entirely different plants.  

You can get CBD from either hemp or marijuana.  CBD that is hemp derived, which is what Vurdo sells, contains less than 0.3% THC, so it is virtually impossible to get high from it. CBD that is from marijuana does have a higher amount of THC involved. 

Hemp derived CBD has changed the game for so many people.  Now people can experience the benefits of cannabis without getting high.


How Do I Combine CBD and Yoga?

We suggest taking it orally, under the tongue about 30 minutes prior to your yoga practice. It's best not to take it right before because you need to let it enter your system and your blood stream.  It's all about timing so that you can experience the most out of your CBD yoga session. 

Feeling the energy your body is emitting and getting in tune with yourself will really make a lasting impact on your practice.

The body to mind connection is an amazing thing.  The apparent awareness of the body combined with CBD’s heightening effects promotes deeper, more intentional and more mindful breaths while doing a pose. 

This is making me want to do yoga right now with CBD. Ha!


CBD Contains Anti-inflammatory Qualities 

Apart from feeling amazing from CBD while doing yoga, what other benefits are involved with the body?

Well since CBD contains anti-inflammatory properties, it's also effective in treating aches you may be experiencing while switching between poses.  This is great for those that have some persistent pain in their knees or any other part of the body. The CBD can help one be able to move and flow better in practice, which ultimately lets you make the most out it. 

For newbies, taking CBD your first couple of times before yoga practice can make a significant difference. 

People who are new to yoga are typically more stiff and need time to work their way up to holding poses and allowing their body to move in certain ways.  By having an all natural, organic boost that allows your body to move more freely, is a win win. 


Give CBD and Yoga a Shot

If you've taken CBD before while practicing yoga, leave a comment below, we'd love to hear about your experience! We hope you found this article helpful with the history behind Cannabis in India and the ways CBD can improve your yoga practice. 


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