Full Spectrum Hemp Oil vs. Hemp Seed Oil vs. CBD Oil - Finally Defined.

December 27, 2018

Full Spectrum Hemp Oil vs. Hemp Seed Oil vs. CBD Oil - Finally Defined.

CBD and all these different terms can get confusing.  We get it.

In the cannabis market today, there are so many different ways to say the same thing or not the same thing, which can often lead you to feel unsure of what you’re really buying.

We want to make it easier for you, so that you can better understand what you are ingesting.



One of the many questions that we get asked is what the difference is between Hemp Oil and CBD oil?

To begin, lets first image that the term Hemp Oil is an umbrella term and CBD Oil is what’s underneath the umbrella.

CBD has to be derived from either marijuana or hemp.  If it’s derived from marijuana, then the oil contains higher levels of THC, and if it’s from hemp, then it contains less than 0.3% THC, making it impossible to get high from it.

Ok awesome, nailed the first part down.

Now for part two.

Now there are two types of hemp oils, first being what is called Full Spectrum Hemp Oil. This oil is full of cannabinoids (natural compounds) and the most heavily prominent cannabinoid being CBD (or cannabidiol).  Full spectrum hemp oil means that it takes all of the components of the hemp plant, including the leaves, stem, stalks and flowers. With this oil, there are extremely low levels of the most well-known cannabinoid, THC, meaning that it is non-psychoactive and it will not get you high.

The second type of Hemp Oil that is on the market is Hemp Seed Oil. Hemp seed oil is made by pressing hemp seeds together until the oil within them excretes.  Since only the seeds are being used in this process, hemp seed oil contains no CBD and none of the cannabinoids that are found in the stem, stalks, flowers and leaves.

Ok awesome, now we know the two types of hemp oils.


So far, we’ve concluded that CBD has to be derived from either hemp or marijuana, and that there are 2 different types of hemp, and CBD can only be derived from full spectrum hemp oil and NOT hemp seed oil.    


Now back to the original question!

Sooo… to conclude what the difference is between CBD Oil and Hemp Oil.

CBD has to be derived from somewhere, so for a bottle to just say CBD Oil, it is pretty ambiguous, and we feel that companies need to be more transparent with consumers today. Is the CBD derived from Hemp or Marijuana? Bottom line is, the CBD needs to come from somewhere.



Our oil is full spectrum hemp derived CBD. 

Instead of saying only CBD Oil on our tinctures, we’ve decided to say Full Spectrum Hemp Oil, so that our customers know exactly where the CBD comes from, right away.

Some companies rather say CBD oil because it is the most prevalent compound of the oil, and having more words may be a mouthful on the bottle or packaging, but Vurdo believes more knowledge surrounding how our products are made is better than less.




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