Get a Better Sleep with CBD

October 19, 2018

Get a Better Sleep with CBD

I wonder how many of you reading this article primarily use Cannabis just for a good night’s sleep?

I’ve heard that it’s the number two reason why people smoke, the first of course would be for recreational purposes. 


In recent years scientists have made a lot of progress in understanding the benefits of CBD, yet historically CBD has been used over the centuries and across many different kinds of cultures.  As we know, CBD produces a calming, pain-reducing effect on the body, but did you know it also aids in reducing sleeping difficulties as well as increasing the overall amount of sleep you get per night?


Our bodies actually have an endocannabinoid system and produces their own cannabinoids and with this system, many physiological processes such as mood regulation, cognitive functions and pain perception exist within.  Since CBD has the ability to stimulate the body’s endocannabinoid system and its receptors, issues surrounding the mental and physical state of the body can be helped – in a natural way. 


CBD’s ability to reduce anxiety and chronic pain allows for individuals to improve their sleeping quality and regulate and stabilize your sleep.

What’s fascinating about CBD is that it can have multiple effects on the body depending on how much a person takes.  For sleep, taking a larger dose will promote a more relaxed state, which allows the body and mind to prepare for rest. On the other hand, a smaller dose actually stimulates alertness and reduces daytime sleepiness, perfect for people needing a little boost mid-afternoon without having to indulge in another cup of coffee.  This also allows for the consistency of a person’s sleep-wake cycle. Feelings of low energy and sluggishness for the majority of the day makes falling asleep more difficult when it comes for bed time. In contrast, feeling alert during the day allows for that person to be ready for sleep when it comes night time.


For those individuals using cannabis in order to aid their sleeping difficulties, give CBD oil a shot! I know many people, including myself take it before bed. I can assure you that 500mg of that previous CBD gives me a very restful sleep, and I never wake up groggy from it, which is exactly what I need for a productive day the next day!

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