Palo Santo - the Sacred Wood Essence

October 20, 2018

Palo Santo - the Sacred Wood Essence

Have you heard of Palo Santo?

Get ready to fall in love with this extraordinary type of wood that has so many powerful benefits. This sacred wood essence is guaranteed to help make you feel amazing and release any negative energies you may be feeling.  


I am a firm personal believer in Palo Santo, I burn it almost every day. It smells amazing for one, the aroma consists of fresh hints of mint and citrus, making it one of the most fragrant woods in the world.  

Continue reading to learn about the healing benefits as well as some history regarding this ancient wood. 


A Little History

Dating back centuries, the Palo Santo tree is native to the coast of South America and has been used in their culture for its healing powers, making it a staple in sacred rituals.  It was originally burned by Incas, an indigenous group of people of the Andes, Shamans. 

The spiritual purifying and energy cleansing qualities of the wood allow for a sense of healing and restabilization in ones self. 

I have personally experienced the effects of Palo Santo first hand, and felt that since my passion is to educate and provide organic forms of alternative medicine to people, I would share an essence that has really helped me mentally and physically.  


The effects of Palo Santo are not just mental. 

The wood contains physical healing properties as well.  Times were I have experienced anxiety, stress, and headaches, I burn the wood, and then I “smudge” it around my home. 

Smudging is just a fancy word used when describing waving the wood around in motions so that the wood catches wind, making it burn better.

Let me tell you that the smell immediately relieves negative symptoms and seriously clears your mind.

For some people this may be even just for a second, which might not sound like a long time to you, but for some, anything that can make them feel better is a positive.  

Palo Santo assists in letting your body simply relax tense muscles, allowing the mind to concentrate on the beautiful scent, instead of the difficulties that may have brought you down that day.


Best Way to Light It?

So there is a small trick to get the most out of your Palo Santo that I have learned from burning it for years.

The best way to burn Palo Santo is with a candle.  A common mistake when burning Palo Santo is going right to a lighter. 

It will not light the same and actually fizzles out much quicker.  By taking a few extra steps and burning a non-scented candle first, followed by places the wood in the flame, a stronger connection and grounding to the healing scent can occur. 

The therapeutic healing powers will amaze you and I urge you to try! 


Until next time,


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